why does coffee make my mouth feel weird?

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What does it mean when your mouth is dry after coffee?

The dry feeling in the mouth that you can sometimes get after drinking coffee is properly called ‘ astringency ’. This is a dry, sandy feeling on the tongue — the same feeling that you get from drinking strong black tea, or from eating an unripe banana.


Why does drinking coffee make you feel strange?

Although the acid in coffee can sometimes cause bothersome side effects — such as stomach upset — it’s more likely that, if you feel strange after drinking coffee, the culprit is caffeine. To understand why drinking coffee might make you feel strange, it’s important to understand the basics of caffeine.


Why does coffee make me feel jittery?

Slow metabolizers feel strong effects of caffeine after small doses, meaning even one cup of coffee could send their heart racing. If you feel jittery or anxious after you drink coffee, you might need to cut back on your consumption. Coffee might make you feel weird because it’s more caffeine than your body can handle at once.


Why does caffeine make you feel nervous?

If you’re intolerant of caffeine, Hutlin says you might “develop an uneasy, nervous feeling” after drinking caffeine due to the way it affects your brain. Referred to as derealization, this side effect can make you feel a bit disassociated, and usually happens after drinking large amounts of coffee.


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