what is spanish coffee?

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How to say do you want Coffee in Spanish?

Other Coffee Vocabulary

  • Taza: mug with a handle
  • Vaso: clear glass typically smaller than a mug
  • Caliente: hot (milk)
  • Templada: mild (mix of hot and cold milk)
  • Fría: cold (milk)
  • Para llevar: to take away
  • En la barra: at the bar
  • En la terraza: at the terrace
  • Dentro: inside the bar
  • Azúcar: sugar


What does Cafe mean in Spanish?

coffee, beverage made from water filtered through coffee beans; cafe, coffeehouse (n.) = coffee. Ex: You have specified beverages but no the particular beverage in question, coffee. * a la hora del café = at coffee.


How to pronounce coffee in Spanish?

robusta coffee pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more The proper pronunciation of the word cacatúa in Spanish is? ka-kaht-oah


How to say drink coffee in Spanish?


  • Phrases. What would you like to drink? ¿Qué quieres tomar? What do you want to drink? ¿Qué quieres tomar? Would you like something to drink?
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