is coffee mate creme brulee discontinued?

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Is Nestle coffee-mate discontinued?

Consumers in Florida, Maine, Idaho, Texas and New Jersey have complained to Nestlé on its Coffee-mate Facebook page that they can no longer find their favorite products, and many were afraid the products had been discontinued. The company is responding to the complaints and growing concern.


What happened to Nestle’s milk creamer in Florida?

According to reports from supermarket providers in Florida and Michigan, the extreme cold weather conditions in January caused pipes to freeze and break at the plant, interfering with the creamer’s production process. Messages left for Nestlé officials seeking comment went unreturned.


Where is Nesquik Coffee Mate made?

Like Traci L. Moyer on Facebook and follow her @moyyer on Twitter, or call 648-4250. Made in Anderson The Nestlé Anderson plant, which opened in 2009, produces Coffee-mate non-dairy creamer and is the sole national production site for Nesquik ready-to-drink.


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