how to dose espresso with lido 3

Orphan Espresso LIDO E vs. ROK Grinder? –

If you might want to use the Lido as a travel grinder in the future, a Lido 3 could make … I have the ROK grinder and would not recommend it as your only espresso … The dosing cone that comes with that Lido E makes it very Pavoni friendly.

Am I sentenced to a life of single-dosing voodoo? – Page 3

Overall, I’m feeling a bit relieved and hopeful that single-dosing is still in my future … of the slap shot technique: the no longer sold Orphan Espresso Hockey Puck. … Lido-E for single dosing and dump the grinds into the PF with a dosing funnel …

I need help finding espresso grinder under $200 –

I have the LIDO 3, and while I think it works good for espresso and there are … There are the new breville dose control pro grinders that are around 200, but you  …

Excessive Fines w/ KitchenAid Proline Burr Grinder

With a 20 gram dose I’m routinely losing ~5 grams of fines through the sieve. … I’ ve read about the Mazzer burr upgrade, but I’m not using this grinder for Espresso so I’m not sure if that will help. Top … It may be easier to pick up a Lido 3.

James Hoffmann hand grinder comparisons

Part 2: OE Lido 3 – Commandante C40 mk2 – Helor 101 – Timamore Chestnut … believe, the concept of an espresso grinder designed and built for single-dosing.

Owner experience with LIDO cupping coffee grinder by Orphan

004LYPELG/), and he’s going to buy LIDO grinder for this purpose … a normal grind, as the harder beans take less turns as the darker roast, … At that time, the espresso range was expected to be between 3/4 and 1/4 CCW.

HELP! New Eureka Zenith 65E grinder… Bad taste?

Before that, I had an Orphan Espresso Lido 3 hand grinder, that I bought used at Ebay. My Lido 3 seemed to me a bit misaligned. … You could also play with the ratio and the dose, but start with one variable at a time and see …

Best grinder for espresso, budget around $300 –

Hi, I am looking for the best budget grinder for espresso. … The Lido 2 or 3 or the new Pharos, will all be significantly more consistent than your … Single dosing?

Niche Zero grinder – Grinders – Page 211 –

… less fines, though I still think this grinder is heavier on fines than the Lido 3. … I’ ll be trying it with my Flair today to test out how it effects espresso range grinding. Top … For a 12g dose in my V60-01, I am at 50 with the NFC disc, and playing …

Orphan Espresso Carbon Fibre hand grinder “Fixie” – Page 3

Orphan Espresso Carbon Fibre hand grinder “Fixie” – Page 3 … looks like a shrunken Lido2+, assuming that the same knob as the Lido’s is being used. … After doing some tasting, for weekend trips, I pre-grind and pre-dose …

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