how to cut hole in espresso machine

Making a bottomless portafilter for La Pavoni –

Has anyone used a hole-saw to do this themselves and if so what size … drill from above with it facing up (as it would go in a coffee machine) or …

Mat for top of espresso machine –

Does anybody have food safe mats they use on top of their machines? … It seems like a weird design choice to leave gaping holes where dust and insects … You could just cut down a strip of silicone (from a baking mat or a trivet; you should …

Optimal steam tips – Lever Espresso Machines –

(In many common lever espresso machines the gauge pressure is usually not far … For a steam tip with n holes, each hole will take 1/nth of the steam produced. … (Use the chuck end of the drill bit for this, not the drilling end.)

Plugging Olympia Cremina steam wands holes? –

I would like to plug 1 or 2 of the holes in the tip to allow for less steam delivery … v ) Reversible – use a small screwdriver to ‘drill’ it off shall you want that removed. … Quotable Quote: Espresso machine’s measure of clarity = point to which an …

Espresso Machine Cleaning – Why, How, and When • Home-Barista

How to clean an espresso machine. … Over time this film will start to plug the holes of the filter basket and create deposits inside the portafilter spout. … A clean kitchen towel and a dishrag,; Green scrubby (aka Scotch-Brite® pad) cut into 1 inch …

DIY pre millennium bottomless portafilter –

[cross post from La Pavoni Lever Machine Owners fb group] So I am about to cut a bottom in my portafilter with a hole saw. … In my experience the coffee comes off of the bottom of the basket as a cone that is pretty much in the …

Bezzera Strega steam wand 2 or 4 holes –

Does the Bezzera Strega wand use 4 holes or 2 holes? … On a Rancilio commercial machine i liked a 2 hole for steaming small amounts of milk with medium sized holes. … Versalab: maker and supplier of finest espresso equipment … you could just drill 2 more holes then plug them after via weld or epoxy.

One hole steaming tip for the Elektra Microcasa a Leva?

I’d like to try a one-hole tip instead of the three-hole tip that comes with the machine. … A one-hole on the Elektra won’t cut it. … than you get to stand there for ages admiring your Lecky – not a bad thing in itself but eventually you want coffee.

Clarification with plumb line (pics included) –

I wasn’t interested in drilling a hole through a granite countertop, but after looking at … You can then drill a hole behind your espresso machine and inside your …

Building the Ultimate La Pavoni Europiccola – Page 5

Is it possible to drill and tap holes that will fit old and new generation heating elements or heating … Yes, the Coffee maker flange is as customizable as can be .