how to ask a girl out for coffee?

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How do you ask a girl if she likes coffee?

Be casual, but direct. Don’t beat around the bush by asking if she likes coffee or if she has plans later. Just ask her if she wants to grab coffee. For example, you might say, “You want to grab coffee at that new coffee bar on Maple Street?”.


How do you ask a girl out on a date?

If you’re not ready to ask her on an official date, or if you want to get to know her better, just ask her out for coffee. Asking casually and with confidence will almost guarantee you’ll be conversing over lattes with that special lady in no time.


What should I do if she can’t make it to coffee?

If she can’t make it at that time but says she would still love to get coffee with you, ask her what would time work best with her schedule and make set plans. Look forward to a successful coffee date.


Is it easier to ask someone out for coffee?

It’s always easier when there is no romantic feelings involved. I have done this many times with good success. The way to go about it is to ask them for coffee over a specific reason. For example, you say, I liked your views on and want to talk more about it, are you free to meet for coffee so can chat more.


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