how many ounces in a extra large dunkin donuts coffee?

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Why are Dunkin Donuts cup sizes so large?

What is the best iced latte at Dunkin Donuts?

  • Caramel Swirl Iced Latte. Most of us have probably had this beverage at one time or another.
  • Hazelnut Swirl Iced Macchiato. Hazelnut Swirl is a risky flavor because it is very sweet (pre-sweetened) so, you may only want to request one or two pumps, instead of three.
  • French Vanilla Swirl Iced Latte.


What is the price of Dunkin Donuts?

These baked goods range from $1 to $10, depending on the order. There is, of course, a wide variety …


What is the best iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

What’s the most popular drink at Dunkin Donuts?

  • Hot Caramel Macchiato.
  • Caramel Iced Coffee.
  • Hazelnut Iced Coffee.
  • Regular Coffee.
  • Iced Tea.
  • Bottled Iced Coffee (Espresso)
  • Coconut Iced Coffee.
  • Blueberry Iced Coffee. A super unique flavor that makes for a delicious cup of joe!


How many ounces are in medium Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

Medium Cup Size: 24 oz. It is packed to the rim with freshly brewed unique coffee flavors. The Dunkin’ Medium is also 24 ounces and is priced at $1.89. There’s clearly more bang for the buck at Dunkin’ in this size, but the taste varieties are also more limited here.


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