how long can i keep coffee in the fridge?

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Should you store coffee in the fridge?

With that in mind:

  • Choose a cool, dark, dry place, such as in a pantry or cabinet.
  • Do not store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer; the humidity can cause moisture to infiltrate the packaging.
  • Avoid warm spots, such as above/next to the oven or in cabinets that get hot from exposure to sunlight or cooking equipment.


How long does brewed coffee stay good in the fridge?

Brewed coffee can be kept in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks. In particular, no molds develop on the brewed coffee if it is not kept immediately after brewing, in the refrigerator, or if you do not store it in the refrigerator for up to a month.


How long after roasting is coffee at its best?

Watch the beans and listen for the first crack.

  • Light Roast: Remove your beans from heat right before the first crack (356°F – 401°F).
  • Medium Roast: At the first crack or slightly afterward (410°F-428°F).
  • Dark Roast: Right after the second crack, but sometimes longer (437°F – 482°F).


How long can you keep iced coffee in the refrigerator?


  • slowing down the caffeine – it still works, but slower
  • helping the coffee go bad faster
  • giving the coffee a smoother, creamier taste


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