can you put cold foam on hot coffee?

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Can you put milk foam in cold brew coffee?

You can use milk foam on various cold brew coffees as you see fit, but you can also use it on top of flavored iced coffee. The foam is a substitute for adding milk or a milk alternative to your coffee. The foam lies on top of the coffee instead of pouring it in and mixing it up. It will create a different mouthfeel and will taste amazing.


Can you drink cold foam from the top of a cup?

The cold foam sits at the top of your drink, so you get a taste of it in each sip. However, that means that drinking your iced coffee and cold foam with a straw will not work. To ensure you get the full creamy experience as it’s intended, Starbucks is introducing a new lid especially made for the cold foam.


Is cold foam in coffee worth the cost?

With the cost amounting to 50 cents for this delicious little extra, it’s well worth it. Cold foam is made by whipping non-fat milk into an almost ice cream-like consistency and situating it atop your brew. It just sits there, enticing you to drink your coffee whilst getting a mouthful of the sweet delectability that is cold foam.


What is cold foam at Starbucks?

In honor of the approaching warm weather and refreshing beverages, they’re adding a menu option meant to enhance iced coffee drinks called cold foam . Cold foam is a new coffee add-on option available at Starbucks locations nationwide. You can add it to any iced drink for 50 cents, like you would whipped cream or an extra shot of espresso.


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