can you grow your own coffee?

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Can you grind your own coffee at home?

When you grind the coffee, it is reduced to tiny fragments; therefore, when you grind whole beans at home, you can observe the amount of coffee it produces and not lose any of its essences in the process. When you buy pre-ground coffee, it loses its flavor every passing second and does not preserve the essence quite the same.


Can Coffee Stop you from growing?

The caffeine in coffee may slightly reduce calcium absorption, which may inhibit bone growth in adolescents. However, there is no evidence linking growth and height with coffee consumption. Coffee contains several substances that have been associated with many health benefits.


How do you Brew Your Morning Coffee?


  • Coffee is a widely loved beverage all over the world
  • There are ways to make your coffee drinking experience even healthier
  • Luke Coutinho talks about healthy practices to keep in mind


How to grow your own coffee been at home?

You can grow your own coffee tree at home, just as long as you have one of the following items:

  • A raw coffee fruit
  • A raw coffee seed with the silver skin still attached
  • A processed, un-roasted green seed.


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