can i freeze coffee mate?

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Is Coffee Mate bad for You?

Coffee-mate can be bad for you if consumed in large quantities. Coffee-mate and other powdered coffee creamers can be bad for you if used excessively on your cup of coffee. It can definitely add sweetness to your coffee and make it taste more flavorful and delicious.


Why does Coffee Mate is the number one coffee creamer?

Coffee mate calls itself “America’s #1 Coffee Creamer,” as you can spot on this label—but if you’re a regular buyer of this classic brand’s powdered or refrigerated formulas, D’Alessandro says any of the original Coffee mate products stand out for a different reason. “The ingredients listed in most of the flavors contain carrageenan and/or corn syrup, which might cause bloating, inflammation …


Does Coffee Mate have dairy?

It is produced by Nestle, who also produce a range of coffee products including Nescafé Gold Blend & Nescafé Dolce Gusto. Also known as a “non-dairy creamer”, Coffee-mate is America’s leading coffee creamer and comes in both liquid & powdered forms.


Does Coffee Mate have milk in it?

There is nothing derived from milk in it. Then again, this product addresses consumer needs for milk where it is scarce or expensive. Coffeemate looks, feels and tastes somewhat of milk, as it is whitish, homogeneous, sweetish, somewhat creamy and tastes like milk.


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