Best Office Coffee Machines 2021

Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2020 - Complete Guide

There are a gazillion people who cannot function without a caffeine shot in the morning. Coffee is just the gasoline of so many workplaces. Having a coffee maker around the office can really increase the productivity of your employees. You certainly don’t want them to be late to the office by waiting in Starbuck lines or have an afternoon delay after taking lunch.

An office coffee maker can keep employees energized by providing them with barista-quality coffee whenever they want it. It will also be useful for showing hospitality to guests and customers. Read our complete guide on the best crups coffee makers.

Types of coffee makers

Finding the perfect coffee maker can be time-consuming and a daunting task. But, you are in luck! There are several variants on the market with slightly different features and capacity. Follow the brief discussions of each of the types so there is no confusion when you purchase one for your office.
Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2018

Manual coffee machines

These models have been popular for years because they come equipped with a number of options to please even the Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2018 faddiest of caffeine junkies. All manual units follow almost the same formula – creating pressure to force the water through the densely filled coffee in the handle. The increased pressure extracts more coffee grains than an average machine, producing stronger, richer coffee.

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Manual appliances are the perfect choices if you want to treat your employees to barista-quality coffee, customized to individual tastes.

Automatic coffee makers

These are the most practical choice for an office setup because they take care of the entire preparation process, saving time. You don’t have to worry about anything – from grinding the coffee to brewing and frothing the milk. These machines brew coffee quite quickly, at the touch of a button.
Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2018

Pod Koffiemachines

These are ideal for small offices with 3 to 5 employees. You can put them in a corner as they have a compact structure and you don’t have to do anything except press a button to get your espresso.

There are different pods available to make different types of drinks. You just need to insert the right pod and press the button. Cleaning the machine is a piece of cake, as rinsing with water is enough. The price is a little high, 40 cents per cup, but the pods are the best for enjoying a wide variety of hot and cold beverages.

Filter coffee makers

The perfect machine for those who like American-style black coffee with no frills. They are inexpensive to use, as coffee costs about 15 cents per cup and you can make more than one cup per round. Some models have a built-in grinder and there is also a timer so the coffee is ready at the time you set.

Pump Coffee Machines

The pump machines are for the espresso purist. They take a little more time and pay more attention to the brewing process to entertain you with a cup of perfect espresso. There is a steam arm to customize the drink to your taste. Some models even have the luxury of grinding fresh beans. Pump machines are a bit expensive and require more Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2018 maintenance than other types.

Bean-to-cup machines

If you want to entertain your employees with a barista experience, go for a bean-to-cup machine. It can quench the thirst of all caffeine addicts, including even the cognoscentres who are too fussy about the taste of their coffee.

The robot barista can make anything from americano to cappuccino without compromising on taste because it grinds whole coffee beans every time you make a drink.

These are top quality machines that cost no more than 20 cents for a cup. Maintenance is also easy because there is a warning system that alerts you when you need to descale.

The features of the best coffee makers for the office

Once you know what kind of machine you want, you should look for some specific qualities in them to get the perfect one. Go through this checklist of features found in the best quality office coffee makers to narrow down your options and store better:
Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2018


Style and features

The style and appearance do not affect the taste of the coffee. But who wants an ugly machine on the counter or desk in their office?

Well, don’t worry. If you don’t want to compromise on aesthetics, there are a plethora of styles, colors and finishes to choose from. Whether your office has a retro look, red paint on the walls or stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, there is always a coffee machine to match.

In addition, an office coffee maker should be easy to operate, as employees don’t like to spend time figuring out complicated navigation. Getting to grips with all the buttons, filters and levers is a daunting task. Making it complicated with a plethora of controls is impractical.

Digital displays are easier to read than indicator lights. Similarly, the availability of pre-programmed recipe buttons makes it easier to prepare drinks to your own taste. However, there should be options to choose the intensity of flavors, heat and richness of the coffee.

Capacity and coffee quality

How many people in your office drink coffee often? The capacity of the water tank is important when you buy a Top 15 Best Office Coffee Machines 2018 coffee machine for your office. It is important to know how many cups it can brew at one time.

You should choose this feature based on the number of the employees. If the office is large, it should have a large reservoir to make a lot of espresso in quick succession, so there is no need to constantly refill the water reservoir and make people wait in line. There are compact models with smaller reservoirs that are suitable for small workplaces or if there are only a few coffee drinkers in the office. If none of your employees drink coffee except one or two, a single serve machine will suffice.

If there are several caffeine addicts in the office, it is better to invest in a commercial-grade coffee machine. Even the entry-level models can brew several liters of coffee per hour and keep the beverages in the carafe warm for a long time. If the budget is limited, opt for a coffee brewing station with a traditional-sized carafe, so it is possible to brew a pot for a few people.

There are also high-end commercial coffee machines suitable for restaurants and airports. Unless you have a large office building with a separate coffee station for employees, these are not necessary for even the most coffee-filled environment.

Another important aspect is controlling coffee quality. Some machines use advanced technology to produce flavorful, rich coffee drinks. You can make different kinds, such as cappuccino, latte, americano, and more. Some machines can only brew high-quality espresso.

The espresso speed is another factor that affects the quality of the coffee. Good quality devices take no more than 15 seconds to brew 30 ml and stop dripping almost immediately. Cheaper models need more than 30 seconds to brew that amount and another half minute to stop dripping.

Additional Features

Depending on the model and price, a coffee maker may have nothing to many bells and whistles. Some appliances come as a set, complete with grinder, milk frother, jugs, cups and spoons. All of these things add to your coffee brewing experience.

Automatic appliances have a built-in grinder, so you can adjust the grind to the type of beans and beverage you want. There may also be a drip tray that protects the countertop from spilling leftover coffee.

Some modern appliances have the ability to connect to an app. If you install that on your smartphone or tab, you can place an order before you arrive at the office.